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How soft and kissable are your lips? Discover just how gorgeous they'll be with the exfoliating power of our signature sugar lip scrub. This hydrating scrub will gently, yet effectively, buff away dry, flaky skin leaving your lips feeling luxuriously smooth and moisturized. This chocolate mint scented scrub will wake up your lips.


Directions: Use a small amount of sugar scrub on your finger, apply to lips, and buff in a circular and back-and-forth motions for approximately 30 seconds, or as tolerated. Allow to rest on lips 30 seconds longer for absorbtion of oils, butters, and emollients. Gently wipe or rinse clean with warm water, then apply a layer of your favorite HI Beauty by Grace gloss, or lip balm (coming soon!) to seal in moisture, revealing your most gorgeous lips!




Jojoba Oil, which contains zinc, copper, and Vitamins B & E to aid in healing.

Shae Butter, which contains anti-inflammatory ingredients to soothe and moisturize. Shea butter promotes cell regeneration, allowing skin to heal and repair from within. Shea butter also boosts collagen keeping lips kissably soft and plump.

Cocoa Butter, high in fatty acids, cocoa butter hydrates and nourishes the skin while improving elasticity. Natural plant compounds improve blood flow and create a protective barrier to the treated area.

Grapeseed Oil, rich in essential fatty acids (Oleic and Linoleic), grapeseed oil is highly emollient and easily absorbed into the skin. It retains moisture and promotes skin repair and elasticity.

Avocado Oil, high in Vitamin E, potassium, lecithin, and oleic acid, which aides in collagen production. Promotes skin healing, soothes, and provides moisture.

Bees Wax, Sugar, Mint Chocolate Flavoring Oil, Cocoa Powder, Preservative



  • nut free products (if you have nut allergies always take precaution regardless, may contain particles from original processing plant)
  • animal and environmentally friendly
  • no mineral oils
  • vegan
  • gluten free
  • Certified, FDA registered & approved ingredients only

Pout Perfector Sugar Lip Scrub

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